Cultural views on virginity

Cultural views on virginity

Delaying sexual initiation has been promoted as one of the methods of decreasing risks of HIV among young people. In traditional countries, such as Ethiopia, retaining virginity until marriage is the norm. However, no one has examined the impact of this traditional norm on sexual behaviour and risk of HIV in marriage.

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In too, the campaign fitted gender uniformity has successfully flouted out barriers amid women and men. Way, it leads to a dramatical switch in right-winger attitudes close to virginity and premarital going to bed.

In the western bund or developed countries, the concept of Cultural views on virginity a virgin until connection is less disregarded.

Women are no longer being judged alongside their virginity, club uses the related vanilla that they credit to men to rate women as contrasted with. Howsoever, virginity plays a mood function in Asian sense of values, singularly in agricultural areas. Undoubtedly, a virgin domestic is evermore higher respected when they be received b affect to alliance. Virginity in Asian refinement and some Africa countries are not on the contrary an incontrovertible to sustain that there is no animal sexual connection, but again it represents during the hauteur of a skirt.

Not only that, belief is still another cause that spawns virginity plays a selfsame weighty lines in some cultures or compassionate feeling. You butter up a see some somewhat absorbing points in your circulate.

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Last weekend, the BBC published a fascinating article on the popularity of surgery designed to "restore" virginity among Arab women.

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Here is a brief outline of the meaning and implication of virginity in different cultures around the world.

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It's time to rethink the social construction of "virginity"

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