Who is shia labeouf hookup 2018

Who is shia labeouf hookup 2018

Dark of the Moon" premieres Pictures: But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.

The awesome thing about Shia LaBeouf is that he has no filter.

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Shia LaBeouf bragged about hooking up with Megan Fox while they filmed the first two Transformers , earning him serious cool points with guys everywhere.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Transformers actress and her partner of 11 years were going their separate ways. And now new reports suggest the fact she is back in touch with Shia — after they dated while she was on a break from Brian — has caused issues. Just a couple of weeks ago Shia was seen Facetiming Megan following a blazing drunken row with his girlfriend Mia Goth in Germany, which suggests the stunning brunette has become a shoulder to cry on for the troubled actor.

Shia and Megan enjoyed a brief romance in while filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Not long after Megan got back with Brian — who is 13 years her senior and they married before having two children together.

A source told the Star: It was certainly a contributing factor to their split. Brian and Megan are said to have quietly separated six months ago due to arguments over Megan's hectic career. Another insider previously said:

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Shia LaBeouf: Yeah, I HOOKED UP With Megan Fox

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Who is shia labeouf hookup 2018.

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  • Shia LaBeouf (Finally) Confirms Megan Fox Hookup! Par. & Shia LaBeouf isn't exactly kissing and...

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Who is shia labeouf hookup 2018.

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    Shia LaBeouf isn't exactly kissing and telling about his time off the set with Megan Fox , but he is confirming their romance.

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    Shia LaBeouf isn't exactly kissing and telling about his time off the set with Megan Fox , but he is confirming their romance.